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Leeks Baby Bunch

or 2 for $7.00 per Bunch

Leeks Baby Bunch
Baby leeks have a milder flavour and are good for using whole or cooking with fish and seafood. Wash leek thoroughly before use as dirt gets trapped between the layers. The edible part of the leek is just from the white stem just above the root to where the stem becomes pale green. The top of leeks can be used to flavour soups. Leeks can be used as a substitute for onions and have a milder, sweeter flavour. They can be fried, braised or roasted. Leeks are good with butter, cream, chives, parsley, potatoes, eggs, pastry, mustard and ham. Leeks are available in different levels of maturity from pencil leeks to more mature leeks. Choose leeks that are firm and straight with a top that is green not wilted. Keep wrapped in the crisper section of the refrigerator. Leeks are available all year round. Peak season is autumn-winter.

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